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WannaBe 100% Remy Human Hair Piece - Honey Comb

WannaBe 100% Remy Human Hair Piece - Honey Comb

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WannaBe 100% Remy Human Hair Piece - Honey Comb

Just Be What You Want To Be

Caring Instructions

For Human Hair Wigs/Hair 

1. Fill the basin with cold/lukewarm water. 
2. Mix generous amount of conditioner and shampoo in the basin of water. 
3. Let the wig/hair soak for approx. 5-10 minutes. (Soaking will remove accumulated dirt.) 
4. Swirl lightly and rinse it off with clean water. 
5. Repeat #1-4 using the conditioner if needed. 
6. Towel dry the hair and place it on a mannequin or foam head. 
7. Use wide tooth comb to desired style and set to dry. (Do not used fine tooth or brush when wet) 
8. You can air dry or blow dry in low to medium setting.*
9. DO NOT apply Oil Sheen, which can cause shedding.
* Use styling iron or steam rollers to create a desired look if curls seem loose. (Note: Prolong use of heat can dry out the hair.) 


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